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Fiber Artist and Needlefelter

Present a new concept of painting through the wool


니들펠트라는 기법을 이용해 동물을 모티브로 작품 활동하고 있는 섬유작가입니다. 동물은 인간 능력을 넘어선 절대적인 아름다움의 대상이며 자연을 통해 느낀 그들의 움직임과 색을 작품으로 옮기려고 노력하고 있습니다. 양모를 통해 회화의 새로운 개념을 제시하고 싶고 캔버스 위에 붓 터치로 완성하는 여느 회화 작품처럼, 양모를 이용해 다양한 질감을 표현함으로써 양모만이 가지고 있는 특유의 거친 예술적 가치를 동시에 보여주고 싶습니다.

I'm a Fiber Artist who is working on my artwork using wool. As an artist who works with animals as a motif, I think nature exists as a base for everyone's life and as an artist's creation or motif. Animals are objects of absolute beauty beyond human ability and are trying to translate their movements and colors felt through nature into works. Like a painting work completed with a brush touch on a canvas, wool is used to express various textures to simultaneously show the unique rough characteristics of wool.


* The Art Institute of CA-LA, Interior Design BS 학사 졸업

* Yonsei University Graduate School of Human Environmental Sciences (Dropped out)

  연세대학교 대학원 주거환경학과 석사 중퇴

* Gabor+Allen Architect/Landscape Firm - Designer 

* Hirsh Bedner Associates-Design Consultants - Internship  

* Kesson Inc. ㈜계선 -  Designer  

​* 2009 - 2021  DesignOne Inc. - Senior Designer / Director of Design Laboratory  

 ㈜디자인원 시니어 디자이너 및 디자인연구소 소장 활동

 (디자인 설계/제품 개발 및 기획)


July   Group Exhibition - Hype The Gallery, Seoul

June  ‘Reflections’ Edition II, Royal Blue Gallery

May   Group Exhibition - Gallery One, Wonju-si    

Feb.   Group Exhibition -  Nfeta Digital Gallery, Yongin-si

Jan.   [Mikaverse Invitation Exhibition] - Uncommon Gallery, Seoul


[Vizmesh Times Square Exhibition] - New York, NY

[2022 Stratosphere NFT NYC] - Samsung 837, New York, NY

[PUNKISM Exhibition] - IHAM Gallery, Paris

[Pictorium Flower Power Exhibition] - KoreanStoneArt Museum, Seoul

[Woori Festival] - Salle Jean Mermoz, Toulouse, France

[Korea, Tahi, Japan NFT Festival Exhibition] - Uncommon Gallery, Seoul

[NFT AR Exhibition] - Sapporo, Japan

[BWB (Blockchain Week in Busan) Exhibition] - BEXCO, Busan

[World Knowledge Forum] Exhibition, Seoul

[FEWK; Universe NFT Art Collaboration] - Otris, Seoul

[NFT Group Exhibition] - Bluish Art Gallery, Seoul 

Interpreting KlayRock: EXPERIMENTS - Invitation Exhibition




Talent Prize Awarded in the '7th Animal' International Juried Art Competition 2023 of Teravarna Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

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For any inquiries on commission work or any other questions you may have concerning a project, promotions, or anything else regarding needle-felting, please feel free to contact me:


Thank you!!

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