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Grief Collection 2023

270 x 410mm

Personal Project

In anticipation of a future leap, I find myself huddled, drained of strength, as if lifeless, yearning to spring forth once more. My feeble and powerless body, unable to run or even walk, desperately strains to revitalize itself.


Within, a frail sense of self breeds unease, while my inner being becomes increasingly isolated, taking refuge in the depths of a cavern. Yet, as an artist, I forge an unyielding bond with an intrinsic energy that persists, however faint. I engage in profound dialogue, unwaveringly trusting its presence. Amidst the depths of the self-imposed cave, I painstakingly reshape my inner anguish, offering solace, and reconstructing my own image to engage in an aesthetic battle against the encroaching darkness.

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