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Rainbow Warrior

INTERPRETING KLAYRock : EXPERIMENTS  Invitational Exhibition 2022

450 x 300mm

Collection curated by The Rock’ers Society

The etymology of Rainbow Warrior is interpreted one dimensional, as the horse is the chosen subject, and instead of expressing the identity of the subject literally, I tried to emphasize the difference between the digital work and the likeness of its original work. Rather than visually reproducing the Warrior, it has transformed into a new creature through processes such as simplification, change, emphasis on subjective imagination. In an effort to break away from the fixed form, I created this with mysterious fur color combination of wool, expressed in contrast to the rough appearance of a wild magical giant horse lifting its forefoot, an image that is unique to a horse. It is my hope that sense of beauty that oozes unfamiliarity and mystery can be felt through this work as was felt from the original work.

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